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Breakfast or Dinner with a side of Live Music?  Yes Please!

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Breakfast or Dinner with a side of Live Music?  Yes Please!

Music can be a powerful tool. It evokes emotions, it can make you feel happy or sad, it can even make you want to dance! The same goes for food. Cajuns have a rich history of combining live music with great food, and the numerous restaurants and bars that offer both are a great testament to the area’s love of a good time.

Zydeco Breakfast at Buck and Johnny's

Zydeco Breakfast is an adored Breaux Bridge tradition, originally taking place on Saturdays at Café des Amis and moving to Buck & Johnny’s when Café des Amis closed its doors permanently a few years ago.  The weekly event starts bright and early on Saturdays at 7:30 and goes until 11:00 when the restaurant switches over to lunch. Live music, bottomless mimosas and bloody marys for $15, and a rich and diverse Cajun breakfast menu explain why this weekly event has gone on for decades. You can't help but feel completely immersed in Cajun culture when you walk into Zydeco Breakfast with its rich, Cajun breakfast menu, live music, and energetic, heart-pounding dancing.

Nightly Live Music at Buck and Johnny's

Apart from live music at Zydeco Breakfast, Buck and Johnny's is also known for their nightly live music. Buck and Johnny’s strives to make their restaurant a one-stop event shop. Hand-crafted cocktails, excellent eclectic Italian and Cajun food, and live music on week and weekend nights make Buck and Johnny’s the perfect location for date nights, family gatherings, and important events. 

The experience of listening to live music while eating dinner is one that cannot be replicated at home alone on your phone or laptop--it's an event!